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We submit to strict quality and health checks by HACCP and work with local ASL veterinarians and accredited research and analysis institutes. Our numerous certifications are testimony to what we believe in: high standards of safety and quality of processes and products.



With careful expansion and compliance with the regulations in force, the slaughterhouse is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and has 120,000 slaughterings a year with a peak of 3,960 items in a single shift. The company, in the name of the most authentic Sardinian agro-pastoral tradition, provides jobs for 40-45 seasonal employees from the territory of Buddha and neighboring areas guarding the modus-vivendi of the small Sardinian community and thus contributing to the support of the local economy. Logudoro Carni strives meticulously to check the origin of the garments, welcoming typical Sardinian lambs and cooperating with 15 mediators (from Logudoro to Campidano) to maintain the selection with certified PGI. 90% of the company's lambs are destined for large-scale distribution, while the remaining 10% are for small traders and wholesalers. In addition to taking care of the local market, the company is dedicated to the promotion of typical island products, exporting with excellent results 70% of production in Spain.





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